Here we are! We are weeks from opening our shop of antique, vintage and handmade goods for the home, self, critters and tots in Birmingham and online. Our little team has been working for months to create the world of Full Circle, and it is almost time to share it with everyone. We'll get to the details shortly, but in the meantime here is a bit of background to get this blog situation rolling.

It all started small as a handmade adventure back in 2009. Full Circle was born as I made whimsical lampshades and pins for friends and family and some sweet folks on Etsy.

A bit of an expansion came in 2010 with the opening a small antiques booth at a downtown antique shop, The French Market. Every bit of that experience was fantastic, and I met many wonderful, creative and talented folks and went on many fabulous, sometimes daunting but always fun adventures.

After nearly a year in our little booth, I enlisted the help of my talented mom and decided to take a bit of a leap.  We wanted to combine the antique side and handmade side into our own shop and from that idea came today's Full Circle.

We scoured the city and settled on the perfect spot to house our new shop. During the winter of 2011 we began construction to restore the building and turn it into our vision of what Full Circle is. Throughout the spring and into the summer what started as a little idea slowly became a reality. It has been such an experience to witness what once only existed in our imaginations come to life.

Here's hoping for tons of great things as we prepare to open our doors to all of you!

Thank you for all of your support along the way and in the future. We truly hope that you will enjoy the shop as much as we do! We believe in what we sell and we cannot wait to share it all with you!

. . .Stay Tuned. . .